We will pay your property taxes,
And Stop Your Tax Foreclosure!
Claim Up To $30,000 In Tax Relief Right Now!!
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"We're committed to helping you stop a forced sale of your home."
~Michelle Pris, CEO All American Housing Solutions
How It Works
Option #1: We Pay Your Property Taxes
No Upfront Cost!
So many of our clients can't get help from their lenders, and are often told their 'best option' is to file bankruptcy...(Yikes). We not only work with any situation, but there is never any upfront cost to work
with us, ever.
continue using the property
Continue Using The Property!
You read that right. Once we've stopped the foreclosure process, not only will the county stop harassing you (for good), but you can even stay in your home at no cost per month during the buy back period.
More Time To Pay!
We're professionals, and we know that most people procrastinate... By connecting with us on this page and discussing your situation, we'll make sure you have more time. We are here to help you.
no credit no income
No Credit?
(No Problem!)
With lending restrictions at an all time high, getting the bank to work with you is a problem for many of our clients. Regardless of your credit history, we'll work with you.
Option #2:
Want To Sell Your Property? We'll Buy It.
no commsion
No Commissions, No Agents, & No Fees!
We are NOT realtors, and will not list your home! You can feel safe, knowing that we're a professional company with years of experience buying and holding properties.
a fair offer you property
A FAIR Offer For Your Property!
You've worked hard for your home, and it's only fair to make YOU a fair offer.
Our goal is to make every situation... a WIN-WIN situation.

all cash offer
All CASH Offer At Closing!
Did we mention that our offers are CASH offers? At the closing table, rest assured, you'll be walking away, stress free, with a cashable check in hand for your property.
An Accredited Company That Can Solve Your Tax Situation... For Good.
My friend, my name is Michelle Pris and I've been helping struggling home owners for almost a decade. I'm not a realtor, I'm not a real estate agent, and I DO NOT want to buy your home "for the price of the back-taxes" with no options for you to buy it back, as so many opportunistic (and even criminal) investors try to do.

I am however here to serve you. If you're having trouble paying your bills and your creditors don’t appear to have any interest in working with you to find a solution, I can help you.

Thousands of families have lost their home to foreclosure in the recent years following the recession. Don't wait until it's too late to determine the best plan of action for you and your family.

“Promissory note paid FAST!”
Saved home days before tax foreclosure!
Thanks because you made a big difference
A message from Nancy
"They've really followed through for us..."

No ONE else could get it done
"They saved me"
They told Charles it couldn't be done...
"Took care of everything for me."
"They've provided very professional services."
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Protect Your Family From Foreclosure.
Tackle the problem head-on with proactive solutions.
Every day families are losing there homes to foreclosure. If you're facing a tax foreclosure or having problems paying your bills, don't ignore the problem. Instead, get educated through our FAQ's on the next page, or give us a quick call.  By taking the proper steps, you can easily protect your family and avoid losing your home. 
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